Heart Disease

Mum had a mild heart attack yesterday. She had chest pains in the morning so we headed down to NUH. We only had confirmation last night after she was held back for observation for the whole day. I did not know  where to place her in at first. Subsidised ward or a single bedder. I know being in a subsidised ward, it would be very uncomfortable for her. But with a single bedder, it is going to be a deep burn in my pocket. With her insurance, I did not need to make any deposit, thankfully. But I know it will not be enough to cover her expenses.

It is uncanny that we initially had plans to go to NTUC Income to upgrade her plans. And now, this happened.

I supposed these are always my biggest tests from Allah. Finances and mum.

She is stable right now. But the doctors want her to go for a cardiac catheterisation. You can find out more about it here. She had heart bypass in 1998. I think she now has more vessels blocked, obviously. Please make prayers that she will be okay.

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