First “kopek” (peel)

So, this is my very post for a brand new blog. I started blogging way back in 2000s, when blogging was the craze among youngster. I think it was in 2003, when I was in poly. It was through blogging that I started to dabble in HTMLs and create templates for the blog. I was really quite good at it since I was a newbie and I learned it on my own. So much so that a fellow blogger stole the skin without any credit, which I change the hosting for the pictures so that it would not turn up on her blog. That was then when I learnt about the importance of citing and giving credits where it is due. Anyway, I do not think I know how to deal with HTMLs anymore. A lot of things have changed ever since.

I kind of stopped blogging after I got married. I blogged at a rate of once a year, and finally stopped with the birth of my newborn. Being a mother is tough. Try being a mother of 3 or more. With the birth of #3, I barely have time for myself. But, the satisfaction of being a mother.. it is indescribable.

Anyway, why do I want to start blogging again? Because I have started to have a lot of thoughts in my head 24/7 and I want to get it down on black and white before I forget them. My family have a history of dementia. My paternal grandmother had it, my father is showing signs of it, and I do not want to go through it without not knowing my life or my past. And besides, I do want my children to know what I had thought about them or how their mother was a young woman. So, here it is. Although I actually did start a blog in the past solely for them, it just did not progress. But this time around, I feel quite determined to keep this going. Maybe I will blog once a month? Or once a week? Fat hope for the latter though. But I will try.

So what is this blog going to be about? I have no idea. I will probably blog about anything and everything. But one thing is for sure. Everything about me is going to be cloaked in secrecy. I will not tell my real name and who I really am. That is one thing I like about the internet. No one knows who you are. I just have some privacy issues since I became a mother. That will be a story for another day.

Anyway, ┬áif you do stumble across this blog, do me a favour yeah? Fix my English. Heeeee…

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