Oven no more

Well, technically there but not there. So Mum decided that the oven is a no go. Apparently, she wanted one which has both top and bottom heating element. I’m like.. what? She says it’s too complicated and all. Just put in the oven and switch it on, what’s so difficult about that? WAIT WHAT?! Yours is even complicated, heat up heat down. What the heck? Oh well.. what do I know anyways? I don’t bake, I don’t cook as much either. So yep, I went out that instant and bought a new convection oven. Delonghi brand. She has started baking Raya cookies with it. We had a heated argument prior to that, but alas, because she was feeling guilty, she used it anyways. One of the things you would have to go through when living with our parents in the house. But as muslims, I guess patience is a virtue.

On the other hand,┬áI┬áneeded to check the music CDs that I have and currently selling away. The buyer insisted I check every single one to make sure there’s no audio defect. DEY! almost 20 years CDs and very well-used. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? $5 per piece, just accept lah…. but I listened anyway because… i.need.to.get.rid.of.them. ASAP! I have not listened to music for many many years, you can say almost 10 years now? Oh my god… THE TORTURE!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?!!!

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