So the last post was when Mum had her heart attack. Things hasn’t been well since. She gets sick easily and she was hospitalised again for chest infection from what should have been a simple case of flu. With older people, their immunity is lower hence they would fall sick more easily. I was against the idea of her taking antibiotics when she first had the flu for fear of being resistant to antibiotics in future. But, I should have heeded her pleas. Then, she would not have to be hospitalised again. In any case, a lot of money has been spent and I am under duress financially. I just hope I can get more tuition assignments to cover for upcoming my uni days.

On a good note, since Hari Raya is coming, we bought a new oven because our convection oven broke down. We bought a convection microwave oven to be exact. Panasonic’s NN-CD565B convection microwave oven. Initially, I could not decide between the Samsung’s Smart Oven and this one. The Samsung Smart Oven has an air fryer function. I wanted that so I could get a 3-in-1 and sell away the remaining microwave oven and Philips AirFryer. I called Mum and she raised a valid point. There may come a time when people are coming over and we have to do big cooking, and we may need to use the AirFryer and grill oven at the same time. It would be a hassle to wait for the grill to finish before we could airfry our food. So that settles it, we choose this instead.


It came with a metal tray, a pizza pan, a metal rack and a tray holder. I was very excited so we got down to business. I asked Mum if she wanted to make Hari Raya cookies. She wanted to start off small and she’s been wanting to try out the Upside Down Banana Cake she saw on Facebook. We realised we were short of brown sugar so Mum resorted to using Gula Melaka. Hence, the crispy brown layer you see on top. Yes, it was a success. And since I am not fasting (I’m a nursing mum), I got to taste it. It was… DELISH! Success! I cannot wait to bake more things! 🙂


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