Oven no more

Well, technically there but not there. So Mum decided that the oven is a no go. Apparently, she wanted one which has both top and bottom heating element. I’m like.. what? She says it’s too complicated and all. Just put in the oven and switch it on, what’s so difficult about that? WAIT WHAT?! Yours is even complicated, heat up heat down. What the heck? Oh well.. what do I know anyways? I don’t bake, I don’t cook as much either. So yep, I went out that instant and bought a new convection oven. Delonghi brand. She has started baking Raya cookies with it. We had a heated argument prior to that, but alas, because she was feeling guilty, she used it anyways. One of the things you would have to go through when living with our parents in the house. But as muslims, I guess patience is a virtue.

On the other hand, I needed to check the music CDs that I have and currently selling away. The buyer insisted I check every single one to make sure there’s no audio defect. DEY! almost 20 years CDs and very well-used. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? $5 per piece, just accept lah…. but I listened anyway because… i.need.to.get.rid.of.them. ASAP! I have not listened to music for many many years, you can say almost 10 years now? Oh my god… THE TORTURE!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?!!!

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So the last post was when Mum had her heart attack. Things hasn’t been well since. She gets sick easily and she was hospitalised again for chest infection from what should have been a simple case of flu. With older people, their immunity is lower hence they would fall sick more easily. I was against the idea of her taking antibiotics when she first had the flu for fear of being resistant to antibiotics in future. But, I should have heeded her pleas. Then, she would not have to be hospitalised again. In any case, a lot of money has been spent and I am under duress financially. I just hope I can get more tuition assignments to cover for upcoming my uni days.

On a good note, since Hari Raya is coming, we bought a new oven because our convection oven broke down. We bought a convection microwave oven to be exact. Panasonic’s NN-CD565B convection microwave oven. Initially, I could not decide between the Samsung’s Smart Oven and this one. The Samsung Smart Oven has an air fryer function. I wanted that so I could get a 3-in-1 and sell away the remaining microwave oven and Philips AirFryer. I called Mum and she raised a valid point. There may come a time when people are coming over and we have to do big cooking, and we may need to use the AirFryer and grill oven at the same time. It would be a hassle to wait for the grill to finish before we could airfry our food. So that settles it, we choose this instead.


It came with a metal tray, a pizza pan, a metal rack and a tray holder. I was very excited so we got down to business. I asked Mum if she wanted to make Hari Raya cookies. She wanted to start off small and she’s been wanting to try out the Upside Down Banana Cake she saw on Facebook. We realised we were short of brown sugar so Mum resorted to using Gula Melaka. Hence, the crispy brown layer you see on top. Yes, it was a success. And since I am not fasting (I’m a nursing mum), I got to taste it. It was… DELISH! Success! I cannot wait to bake more things! 🙂


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Heart Disease

Mum had a mild heart attack yesterday. She had chest pains in the morning so we headed down to NUH. We only had confirmation last night after she was held back for observation for the whole day. I did not know  where to place her in at first. Subsidised ward or a single bedder. I know being in a subsidised ward, it would be very uncomfortable for her. But with a single bedder, it is going to be a deep burn in my pocket. With her insurance, I did not need to make any deposit, thankfully. But I know it will not be enough to cover her expenses.

It is uncanny that we initially had plans to go to NTUC Income to upgrade her plans. And now, this happened.

I supposed these are always my biggest tests from Allah. Finances and mum.

She is stable right now. But the doctors want her to go for a cardiac catheterisation. You can find out more about it here. She had heart bypass in 1998. I think she now has more vessels blocked, obviously. Please make prayers that she will be okay.

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First “kopek” (peel)

So, this is my very post for a brand new blog. I started blogging way back in 2000s, when blogging was the craze among youngster. I think it was in 2003, when I was in poly. It was through blogging that I started to dabble in HTMLs and create templates for the blog. I was really quite good at it since I was a newbie and I learned it on my own. So much so that a fellow blogger stole the skin without any credit, which I change the hosting for the pictures so that it would not turn up on her blog. That was then when I learnt about the importance of citing and giving credits where it is due. Anyway, I do not think I know how to deal with HTMLs anymore. A lot of things have changed ever since.

I kind of stopped blogging after I got married. I blogged at a rate of once a year, and finally stopped with the birth of my newborn. Being a mother is tough. Try being a mother of 3 or more. With the birth of #3, I barely have time for myself. But, the satisfaction of being a mother.. it is indescribable.

Anyway, why do I want to start blogging again? Because I have started to have a lot of thoughts in my head 24/7 and I want to get it down on black and white before I forget them. My family have a history of dementia. My paternal grandmother had it, my father is showing signs of it, and I do not want to go through it without not knowing my life or my past. And besides, I do want my children to know what I had thought about them or how their mother was a young woman. So, here it is. Although I actually did start a blog in the past solely for them, it just did not progress. But this time around, I feel quite determined to keep this going. Maybe I will blog once a month? Or once a week? Fat hope for the latter though. But I will try.

So what is this blog going to be about? I have no idea. I will probably blog about anything and everything. But one thing is for sure. Everything about me is going to be cloaked in secrecy. I will not tell my real name and who I really am. That is one thing I like about the internet. No one knows who you are. I just have some privacy issues since I became a mother. That will be a story for another day.

Anyway,  if you do stumble across this blog, do me a favour yeah? Fix my English. Heeeee…

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